Dan's Philosophy

Call it artisan. Call it small batch. Call it sustainable, organic, local, naturally leavened, fermented or prebiotic. Use whatever adjective or trendy buzzword you like to describe his bread, says independent baker Dan Greenspan, but there's only one thing he wants you to know about it. It's food. A real, living food created by the synergy of simple ingredients, biodynamic farming practices and traditional baking techniques. It's not like any other bread you'll find on store shelves today and that's the way he likes it. No advertising budget, expanding to increase market share or courting major chain stores. He makes just enough bread for himself and those who choose to seek it out.

His methods are decidedly Old World. Old World village baker to be exact. He keeps his home-based operation small, manageable and personal. He knows his customers, his retailers and the partner farmers that grow his wheat by their first names. He cuts every piece of sustainably sourced firewood for his brick oven, stone mills every organic wheat berry in his whole grain flour and hand-shapes every loaf before delivering the latest batch to a small network of independently owned stores and farmers markets. Each step is about thoughtfully making the best bread possible. It's an old process made new that reconnects farming to baking, baking to eating and the past to the present.